Alaska Fire Chief’s Membership Application

Membership and Dues:
Membership in the Alaska Fire Chief’s Association must be renewed on an annual basis, the period of membership for all members is October 1 through September 30 each year.  Dues are payable beginning October 1 each year and are considered delinquent after January 1 each year.

Membership Categories:
    Active Member – $100/year
Active members shall include current or retired CHIEF OFFICERS or EXECUTIVE OFFICERS of regularly organized public, Governmental, industrial, or private fire departments, fire brigades, or emergency response or planning agencies; FIRE MARSHALS, TRAINING OFFICERS and FIRE INSPECTORS employed by federal, state, municipal, industrial, or corporation.

    Associate Member $100/year
Associate members shall include fire service personnel who are of rank or position to qualify as an active member of the Corporation Fire Commissioners and City Officials.

    Sustaining Member – $100/year
Sustaining members shall include individuals, corporations, groups, and/or associations interested in the field of fire protection.

    Honorary/Lifetime Member – $100/year
To maintain ACTIVE status, honorary/lifetime members will pay an annual maintenance fee equivalent to ACTIVE annual dues.

Printable Membership Application

If sending a check, send to:
Alaska Fire Chiefs Association

One Sealaska Plaza, Suite 200
Juneau, AK 99801

Current (paid FY2017) active members as of 7/10/2017:
Baisden, James
Baldwin, William “Pete”
Barkley, Ken
Blydenburgh, Phillip
Boothby, Richard
Browning, Roy’
Burns, Jon’
Carver, Brian
Carver, Charles
Cefalu, John  – LN Curtis
Chambers, Tod
Chappel, Eric
Coon, Geoff
Coon, Greg
Dalton, Clifton
Darnell, John
Denkewalter, Eric
Descutner, Gordon – SOA
Dingman, Joseph
Etheridge, Richard
Fairchild, John
Flynn, Mitch
Frye, Damien – TTT Environmental Instruments & Supplies
Gamble, Bill
Gibbs, Kirk
Greene, Mahlon
Grimes, Dan
Halbrooks, David
Hartwig, Natalie -Task Force Tips Inc.
Hoage, Abner L.
Jager, Daniel
Jason Edmison
Keel, Jim
Keenan, Michael
LaRousse, Louis
Mayr, Suzanne – National Fire Sprinkler Association
McMichael, Virginia
McSwain, Mike – Municipal Emergency Services
Mead, Pat
Merritt, Judy
Misewicz, Ernest D.
Murdock, Johnny
Newcomb, Randy
Paul Comoli
Prior, Anthony
Quinto, Edward
Raynor, Tracy
Reece, Wilson – State of Alaska, DPS
Ron Quinsey
Rydeen, Steve
Schrage, Doug
Steele, James
Steeves, Chris
Stubblefield, Jennifer
Swett, Allen
Templeton, Ron
Terry, Al
Van Dusen, Eric
Victoria, Clyde
Viveiros, Silvano
Weatherly, Dan
Welde, Doug
Will Day
Willard, Jack
William Howell
Wisner, Sean