AML’s Board of Directors adopted the following resolutions, which have been commended to the Governor’s office and Congressional delegation.

  • 24-2020 requests additional and flexible federal aid in support of the state and local governments. This is critical as we learn more about the impacts of the public health emergency on local economies, which have seen variable impacts. While some may be flat, for now, others experienced 25%, 40%, and even 95% reductions in tax revenues. We hope that the next package of federal aid includes additional funds that local governments can use to replace lost revenue, as well as to continue their effective distribution of support to local businesses and nonprofits.
  • 25-2020 encourages continued cooperation between the State and local governments on matters concerning public health during this pandemic. Specifically, we note the gaps in capacity and powers that local governments experience, and which require State partnership to address. We know that by working together, the State and local governments can achieve the outcomes that Alaskans expect during a public health emergency.


AML expects to monitor progress on these, even as we track the continued impacts being experienced by our members.



AML Resolution – Federal Aid


AML Resolution – Public Health