The Alaska Remote Sellers Sales Tax Commission (ARSSTC) just wrapped up its FY23 fiscal year, saving its 49 member jurisdictions a combined $340,000 in FY2023.

The ARSSTC experienced lower than budgeted expenses, primarily in staffing and programming upgrades, while also seeing ARSSTC member jurisdiction tax revenues that significantly exceeded budgeted projections. The resulting excess ARSSTC income is set to be refunded to its members, with each member receiving a pro-rata share of the excess income for the fiscal year ending June 30.

Municipalities benefit from the ARSSTC because the sales taxes collected by the Commission do not detract from the sales taxes currently collected by the city.

Instead, the tax revenues are coming from online sales that municipalities are not able to effectively tax on their own. ARSSTC membership is open to any municipality, city or borough, with an existing sales tax program.

Contact Clinton Singletary to find out how your municipality can participate in the ARSSTC.