The AML Annual Local Government Conference is the premier meeting for municipal officials in Alaska. The event brings together more than 400 local municipal officials, including mayors, borough assembly and city council members, municipal managers, administrators, attorneys and other appointed officials and municipal staff. Many state and federal officials attend, alongside Alaska’s business leaders and community organizations.

This year’s Annual Local Government Conference – Fires, Foundations, Futures – reflects the high level of uncertainty, challenge, and change that local governments are facing. We know that multiple crises – public health and economy – mean that a lot of all of our time has been reallocated to putting out fires. Even while a significant amount of time has been spent, then, on those challenges, that doesn’t mean that our foundational issues go away – you still have public safety, education, and other essential service to deliver. There is still work to be done on the basics. Finally, the State’s fiscal position gives us cause for concern. The deficit facing the State and the lack of resources on hand to apply to that deficit means that upcoming policy decisions may very well affect our futures. We do believe there are multiple paths that will develop as we move forward, impacting different groups of members differently.

AML’s Annual Conference provides a venue where municipal leaders can share best practices and lessons in innovation, efficiency and effective delivery of services. It’s an opportunity for dialogue and relationship-building. It’s a table at which we can come together and work toward solutions. We look forward to seeing you online!

Access agendas and meeting resources below. 

Newly Elected Officials in Brief

Nov. 9

  • Opening Remarks and Intro to AML
  • Local Government 101 – Introduction to Title 29
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Municipal Officials
  • Budgets and Government Accounting
  • Local Taxation and the State Assessor’s Role
  • Lobbying Process

Nov. 10

  • Ethics and Conflict of Interest
  • Open Meetings Act
  • Quasi-Judicial Role and Ex Parte Contact
  • Parliamentary Procedure and Conducting Meetings
  • Q&A – Expert Panel

AML Agenda in Brief

  • Nov. 16 – Opening Session, COVID Response, CIP, Elections
  • Nov. 17 – Conducting Evaluations, Public Safety, AMHS, Change Management, Block Party, Legislative Update
  • Nov. 18 – Business Meeting, State Fiscal Policy, Community Jails, Facilities Design
  • Nov. 19 – Borough Formation, Rural Transportation, Economic Crisis, Federal Advocacy, CARES
  • Nov. 20 – Economic Development, Municipal Awards, Business Meeting

Affiliates in Brief

  • Nov. 10 – Alaska Remote Sellers Sales Tax Commission
    • Speakers and Annual Business Meeting
  • Nov. 12 –
    • Alaska Conference of Mayors – Professional Development and Policy
    • Alaska Municipal Management Association – New Manager Orientation
    • AMLIP Annual Business Meeting
  • Nov. 13 –
    • Alaska Conference of Mayors – Policy and Business Meeting
    • Alaska Municipal Management Association – Business Meeting
    • AML-JIA Annual Business Meeting

Procedures and deadlines for: (Note: All deadlines have passed) 

  • Resolutions – Resolutions are due to AML office by Monday, October 12 at noon. The Resolutions packet will be sent to members by end of the day October 12.
  • Elections – Note the new Districts! Nominations are due to AML by Friday, November 6.
  • Municipal Awards – These are due to AML by October 16, for consideration by the AML Board of Directors.
  • Community Block Party – We’ll be contacting you soon about how to send us materials for this.

Register online here: