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This year’s business will be conducted differently than in past years, as we accommodate the move to an online platform. Most importantly, we feel confidant in the process to ensure vetting of candidates and resolutions, allow for discussion, and provide an opportunity for members to vote.
Each participating member – registered to attend the conference – should be sure to name a representative able to vote on behalf of the city or borough. Each member will have one vote, and the representative will receive voting instructions for using the online ballot at

As you know, AML has implemented bylaw changes and a restructuring of districts as a result of board action to maximize member participation. We’re excited about a robust and active board and thank all the candidates. The board’s Nominating Committee received nominations up through November 1 and met on November 10th to vet candidates. They produced a final slate for member considerations, to be announced at the November 18th business meeting. Candidates will be able to make brief statements at the meeting, after which ballots will be distributed to voting delegates. These online ballots should be completed by 5pm on November 19th. The Nominating Committee will announce the results on Friday, November 20th, at the final business meeting.

This year’s resolutions reflect priorities of AML and its members, as we work with one another to address challenges at the State and federal level. Draft resolutions were distributed to members early in October for review. The Resolutions Committee vetted the resolutions on November 9th for consistency with board policy and has produced the final slate of resolutions and position statement for member discussion. These can be found in your legislative strategy packet.
In your legislative strategy packet, you will find the revisions to AML’s policy statement, edits to past resolutions to reflect necessary technical updates, and this year’s slate of resolutions produced by AML’s board of directors and members. On Wednesday, November 18th, we will introduce these and provide an opportunity for member discussion. Members may offer amendments at that time.
The list of resolutions and any amendments will be distributed to the member’s voting delegate. That delegate will indicate approval of the original resolution, and amendments, and a final version if amendments are found to be adopted. Voting should be complete by 5pm on November 19th, with the final tallies announced at the business meeting on November 20th.

We know that this will feel different, but we believe it meets our goals to provide an opportunity for member discussion, the ability to offer amendments, and a voting process that reflects member’s interests. We encourage your patience and consideration through this process and appreciate your continued engagement in our active policy development. Remember, if you are interested in contributing to AML’s policy and resolutions’ development, join our Legislative Committee! That’s the best way to be a part of the stance that AML takes on upcoming legislation and policy.

Priorities, Resolutions & Position Statements
An important part of the Annual Local Government Conference is to discuss and approve the 2021 AML Legislative Priorities, Position Statements and adopt Resolutions on key legislative issues. The process is completed at the business meeting during the conference, where the membership will review and adopt the 2021 documents.
2021 Resolutions Procedure

AML Board Of Director Elections
Interested in becoming more involved in the Alaska Municipal League? Why not run for a seat on the Board of Directors?
2021 Board of Directors Application