The City of Aniak

The incumbent, under the technical direction of the Public Works Department Supervisor, is responsible for operating and maintaining all heavy equipment and other equipment, to include scheduled maintenance and repairs at the City Shop.

Operate Heavy Equipment including dozers, front end loaders, and landfill compactors on a regular basis. Operate other equipment including grader, water truck, dump truck, and other equipment and vehicles on an occasional basis. Operate welder, cutting torches, and other machine tools as needed.

Process all waste items received at the City’s landfill, including solid and hazardous waste and treated medical waste. Ensure proper processing and disposal of all waste including covering. Ensure proper cell and slope construction and maintenance.

Perform preventative and routine maintenance on all rolling equipment, to include scheduled maintenance under the direction of the Public Works Department Supervisor.

Direct public on proper placement of solid waste, assist in offloading, and inform public about policies as required. Randomly check loads for unacceptable materials.

Direct contract haulers on placement of cover material and maintain cover as required by the permit.

Clean the equipment and facilities and pick up litter. Remove snow as needed. Operate other equipment at the Landfill and oter favilities.

Make recommendations to improve the operation, maintenance, safety or working conditions of the Public Works Department. Properly wear and use all required personal protective equipment.

Accepts, separates, aggregates, and otherwise handles recyclable materials including monitoring levels and processing junk vehicles.

Construct and maintain roads to and within community.

Please see the Additional Information Document for Minimum Qualifications and Further Information

Additional Information

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