Principles and Position Statement

AML Principles

  • Support the Alaska Constitution’s mandate “to provide for maximum local self-government”
  • Support policies that reduce tax burdens and reimburse for State-mandated exemptions
  • Support State revenue assistance as an investment in and support for municipal governance
  • Support adequate State funding for basic public services and infrastructure
  • Oppose unfunded and underfunded State or Federal legislative and administrative mandates
  • Oppose any efforts to reduce local revenues and local revenue authorities
  • Oppose State or Federal policies that shift responsibilities to local governments without a negotiated agreement that includes adequate and full annual funding.

AML 2020 Policy Statements

Municipal Governance (Title 29)

  • Support increased capacity within and professionalization of State tax assessment.
  • Support improvements to records retention, public records access, and public notice.
  • Support issuance of a municipal impact fiscal note within proposed legislation.

Community Assistance and Revenue Sharing

  • Support a baseline floor of $60 million annually, and encourage a long-term, sustainable solution.
  • Support a method to waive debt, forgive loans, or otherwise bolster “stressed” communities.

PERS/TRS Changes

  • Support amendments to termination studies and penalties for leaving PERS/TRS.
  • Support the development of a pathway to decrease overall unfunded liability.
  • Oppose any cost shift of the State “on behalf” payment over 22%, or any other changes that haven’t been negotiated and agreed to by municipalities.

Fiscal Policy

  • Support agency and programmatic efficiency and right-sizing, but oppose cost-shifting to municipalities and eliminating essential services.
  • Support the development of a broad-based tax to increase state revenue.
  • Interest rate penalties found in AS 26.45.500(b) should be consistent with market rates

Public Safety

  • Increase tools available for public safety official recruitment and retention.
  • Support and strengthen the VPSO program.
  • Support state efforts to decrease access to and impacts from opioids.
  • Oppose any reduction in state funding of community jails.
  • Fund the administrative costs of municipal hosting of E9111 systems

Economic Development

  • Support increased investment in infrastructure development, which facilitates economic growth.
  • Support increased investment in training and workforce development.
  • Support state responsiveness to local economic development planning, including local economic diversification and small business development strategies.


  • Support early childhood education, career and technical education, and preparing, attracting and retaining qualified educators.
  • Support for accountability and assessment that meets federal requirements and maximizes local control.
  • Oppose any reduction in school funding and support investment in infrastructure and deferred maintenance.
  • Support amendments to the funding formula removing penalties for consolidation of school facilities within a district.
  • Oppose forced consolidation of school districts.
  • Oppose the elimination of the school bond debt reimbursement program, and any reductions to previous reimbursement commitments.
  • Support a sustainable university system capable of delivering educational opportunities, workforce development, and credible research


  • Support for appropriately funded DF&G and increased investment in fisheries monitoring, research and outreach.
  • Support continued investment in port and harbor infrastructure.
  • Support reinstatement of the Harbor Matching Grant program, partially fulfilling the state’s obligation for maintenance of harbors transferred into municipal ownership.
  • Support an active role in federal fisheries management, and clean water, as well as transboundary negotiations.


  • Support for vetting of and investing in energy projects, processes and programs that decrease energy costs


  • Support State investment that can be used to match or supplement federal funding
  • Support increases to the State capital budget
  • Support a sustainable ferry system that continues basic, year-round, ferry service to coastal communities


  • Support responsible resource development and the reduction of investment barriers alongside improved environmental risk management.

Water, Wastewater and Sanitation

  • Support increased State investment in maintenance and infrastructure upgrades.
  • Support reinstatement of the Municipal Matching Grant program to help municipalities match or supplement local and federal funding.