2023 Resolutions

Approved at the Annual Business Meeting on December 9, 2022

These resolutions address changes to State and Federal policies in order to promote maximum self-governance and address the challenges of Alaska’s local governments. AML’s Legislative Committee works with staff and our lobbying team to advance these efforts, following the direction of the AML Board of Directors.

AML resolutions are member-driven and adopted by a majority of members participating in the Annual Business Meeting. Carryforward resolutions are reconsidered annually and adopted if still relevant.


Resolution #2019-03: In support of full funding from the State of Alaska for school bond debt reimbursement and State aid for construction in Regional Education Attendance Areas.

Resolution #2020-04: Opposing any increase to the required minimum local contribution or decreases to State funding levels; removing the maximum local contribution allowable; and considering Impact Aid as part of the local contribution.

Resolution #2020-07: Supporting full payment of currently obligated school bond debt reimbursement; a reinstatement of the school bond debt reimbursement program; and a careful and deliberate reform of State support of school construction and maintenance.

Resolution #2021-05: Encouraging collaboration in public education, and sufficient and consistent funding.

Resolution #2023-11: Supporting the ability for school districts to consolidate facilities without penalty.

Resolution #2023-12: Requesting that the State increase and inflation-proof the BSA.


Resolution #2019-01: Supporting of the development of a Community Dividend.

Resolution #2019-06: Supporting the State’s implementation of a broad-based tax.

Resolution #2020-12: Supporting the Legislature’s efforts toward consensus on the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Resolution #2020-14: Opposing any State action that would diminish the ability of local governments to tax or receive a share of State tax on local economic activity.

Resolution #2021-03: In support of a sustainable draw from the Permanent Fund’s Earnings Reserve.

Resolution #2021-07: Requesting increased funding for local emergency planning committees and preparedness.

Resolution #2021-08: In support of a balanced approach to the State’s deficit and continuing fiscal challenges.

Resolution #2023-05: Supporting the sustainability of Community Assistance.

Resolution #2023-06: Expressing concern about consideration of a State spending cap.


Resolution #2020-01: Encouraging the Legislature to meet as the Assembly of the Unorganized Borough, and to take up its governance as required by the Constitution.

Resolution #2020-09: Supporting the effort to maximize local self-government, respect local control, and encourage the State to provide funding for the adoption of powers and incorporation, including borough formation where feasible.

Resolution #2021-01: In support of a legislative process that recognizes local governments as partners.

Resolution #2021-13: In support for establishing standards and regulations for unorganized boroughs.

Resolution #2023-03: Urging the Governor and Legislature to exercise oversight of the Local Boundary Commission.


Resolution #2019-08: Requesting a one-time payoff of PERS arrearages.

Resolution #2020-05: Expressing support for reform to PERS that includes a complete pay-down of the unfunded liability; conditionally, requesting that the State also conduct termination studies, small or struggling employers be allowed to opt out of the system, and that the high interest rate on non-payment be eliminated.

Resolution #2023-05: Opposing any changes to PERS/TRS that increase the unfunded liability and supporting additional State contributions that reduce the non-state employer share.


Resolution #2021-06: Supporting a statewide comprehensive Alaska health initiative.

Resolution #2023-17: Support for Alaska joining the multistate nurse licensure compact.


Resolution #2019-05: Supporting increased investment in the Alaska Renewable Energy Fund.

Resolution #2021-04: Recommending the transfer of PCE endowment assets and distribution responsibilities.

Resolution #2022-04: Encouraging the Legislature and State to conduct a timely review and make adjustments to the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) program.

Resolution #2023-13: Supporting the reduction of the interest rate on bulk fuel loans and increasing the cap.


Resolution #2020-06: In support of economic, resource and infrastructure development.

Resolution #2020-13: Supporting the sustainability of the Alaska Universal Service Fund (AUSF) and increased investment in rural infrastructure and affordability.

Resolution #2021-11: In support of full funding for the Municipal Harbor Facility Grant Program.

Resolution #2021-12: In support of an Alaska Multi-Modal Transportation System.

Resolution #2023-10: Supporting State provision of non-federal match for local government infrastructure projects, and to address gaps in federal infrastructure funding.

Resolution #2023-14: In support of reform of the State’s best practices program.

Resolution #2023-15: Supporting statutory change to allow for the implementation of Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs).

Resolution #2023-18: Supporting increased statewide broadband connectivity.


Resolution #2019-02: Requesting funding of the Senior Citizen’s/Disabled Veteran’s property tax exemption.

Resolution #2019-04: Supporting legislation adopting real property sales disclosure in Alaska.

Resolution #2019-07: Requesting that Title 29 be amended to remove the audit requirement for Community Assistance, and provide a one-time waiver of past audit requirements.

Resolution #2020-08:Encouraging the State of Alaska to develop a plan to transfer authority to accept federal funds from the State directly to local governments or their designee.

Resolution #2020-17: Supporting amendments to AS 29.45.500 to require municipalities to pay reasonable interest on tax refunds.

Resolution #2021-21: Requesting that the Legislature review and make optional current mandatory exemptions.

Resolution #2023-01: Calling for legislation to protect public interest by lessening the burden of commercial public records requests.

Resolution #2023-02: In support of reducing the number of required city council officials.

Resolution #2023-07: Support for full funding of State-directed presumptions of liability, including the consideration of a Trust.

Resolution #2023-09: In support of accelerating the transfer of State lands to local governments.

Resolution #2023-16: Supporting the authority of local governments to regulate trapping activities where reasonably necessary for public safety.


Resolution #2020-03:Expressing support for rural law enforcement efforts such as the VPO and VPSO program, while recognizing the need for increased investment and the potential for reform to ensure both public safety and the sustainability of law enforcement efforts in rural Alaska.

Resolution #2021-09: In support of increased funding for community and regional jails, and a base level of funding for Village Police Officers.

Resolution #2023-08: Supporting the establishment of public safety matching funds by the State.


Resolution #2020-10: Supporting reform of the USDA Forest Service Secure Rural Schools program to include long-term certainty and sustainability of funding.

Resolution #2020-11: In support of reform of the PILT funding formula to extend multipliers to smaller population counties (boroughs), and permanently authorizing the program.