Legislative Communications

Prior Media Communications:

April 6, 2021:  8 Stars of Goldhttps://vimeo.com/533748544/2e48e3b3f3

April 5: County Government Month – https://vimeo.com/533235875/5fc88baf75

March 22: Collaborating for Alaska – https://vimeo.com/527527194/e8eeaf3377

March 15: American Rescue Plan  – https://vimeo.com/523941720/2db35bc550

March 8: DMV Updates, State Budget and Federal Relief – https://vimeo.com/521059662/da9cf40978

March 1: Need for Federal Aid – https://vimeo.com/518388311/b234f90ca5

February 22: Infrastructure Week – https://vimeo.com/515496329/942f38e5b6

February 18: Testifying Telephonically Training – https://vimeo.com/514020452/b9ec2f1f16

February 17: Executive Director Nils Andreassen Testimony to Senate Finance Committee – https://www.ktoo.org/gavel/video/?clientID=2147483647&eventID=2021021089

February 15: Lack of an Emergency Disaster Declaration – https://vimeo.com/512744204

February 8: SB 56: Extending Alaska’s Emergency Declaration – https://vimeo.com/509004212/3212493d9e

February 1: Senate Finance and the State of Alaska’s Finances – https://vimeo.com/507321496

January 22: Welcome Senate President Micciche – https://vimeo.com/503695934

January 25: Municipal Mondays Introduction – https://vimeo.com/504619007/df04fba89a



Communications Related to Specific Bills:


Alaska’s Infrastructure Deficit

AML has collected multiple resources that point to the need to address Alaska’s infrastructure deficit, which has been underfunded over the years, including through State budgets. The following resources include  DEED’s school construction and maintenance needs, IHS’s list of water and sewer projects, and an informal survey of local government needs produced by AML. These should all be seen as a resource to guide State and federal investment decisions, even as we recognize that local governments may otherwise have official positions on priority projects.