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Healthy people are the foundation of a healthy economy, and our economy is suffering. The Alaska Chamber firmly believes that one of the most important tools in realizing economic recovery is vaccinating for COVD-19. It is the single easiest and safe thing that individual Alaskans can do to help get our economy back on track. Why? Because recent studies show that vaccinating for COVID-19 is highly effective at preventing serious illness, hospitalizations, and death.

This is why the Alaska Chamber is launching the Give AK a Shot Promotion set to give out nearly a million dollars to vaccinated Alaskans. Now through Oct. 30, Alaskans vaccinated for COVID-19 are eligible to enter the Alaska Chamber’s “Give AK a Shot” drawing for a chance to win $49,000. A total of 18 prize drawings split between two categories (Alaskans aged 18 and older and Alaskans aged 12-17) will be awarded.


Winners will be selected randomly and announced each week. Winners in the 18 and older category will receive a $49,000 cash prize. Winners in the 12-17 category will receive a $49,000 scholarship presented as an Alaska 529 education savings plan plus $10,000 cash for their parent or guardian if their parent or guardian is also vaccinated.


We’re asking Alaskans to get vaccinated for COVID-19 to protect our economy and give Alaska a shot at recovery. The COVID-19 vaccine protects lives and jobs, which is why we’re presenting rewards to Alaskans who get vaccinated. All Alaskans can protect themselves, their families and Alaska businesses to get our economy back on track, all while being entered to win $49,000.


To enter, participants are asked to provide their basic information at GiveAKaShot.com, this includes name, date, COVID-19 vaccination date, COVID-19 vaccination location, and if the entrant is an Alaska resident. 18 drawing pools will be created during the eight-week promotion period. Two drawing pools will be created per week for those newly vaccinated for COVID-19, and two drawing pools total for those vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to Sept. 2, 2021. To be clear, Alaskans vaccinated before the effective date are eligible only for the one drawing specific to previously vaccinated people; two winners will be selected from this pool. All entrants will be placed into the drawing pools according to their date of vaccination and age at the time of entry.


The first drawing entries are due by Sept. 11. It is incumbent upon the individual to enter timely so as not to miss the weekly drawing for which they are eligible; entries are accepted and valid only for the week in which they received their COVID-19 vaccine.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Entrant must be an Alaska resident age 12 or older.
  • Must be in receipt of the first dose of any COVID-19 vaccine at any time before or during the promotion period.
  • Must have received a vaccination in Alaska.

Give our businesses a shot at recovery.

Entries accepted and full terms and conditions are available at www.GiveAkaShot.com.

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