Legislative Tracker

One of the primary functions of the Alaska Municipal League is “To secure general and municipal legislation at the state and federal levels which will be beneficial to the municipalities and inhabitants thereof, and to oppose legislation injurious thereto.”

As part of our advocacy, our lobbying team reviews all of the bills produced by the Alaska State Legislature, and tracks approximately a third of them. This is based on their intersection with municipal activities, and their potential to positively or negatively impacts local governments.

Based on member feedback, as well as that of our board of directors and legislative committee, we attribute a position to each bill, and priority. While positions are fairly basic – support or oppose, or “watch” – our activity is dynamic. This means that while the bill, as written, may or may not have our support, we’re constantly working with bill sponsors, committees, and other legislators to improve or amend the bill to better meet local government needs. Priorities are based on overall impact to local governments, but are also related to the potential they have for passage.

The tool found here is updated weekly and contains all the bills that we are currently monitoring. Members are encouraged to download this regularly, discuss with their legislators, and send us any comments or thoughts as to municipal impact. For policy makers, we look forward to working with you to ensure that legislation produced meets the needs of both the state and local governments.