Resources for Newly Elected Officials

​Newly Elected Officials Seminar Materials

These training materials used in the Newly Elected Officials Training Seminar,  including The Elected Officials Handbook, a good primer for the newly elected official on the duties and responsibilities of an assembly or council member. Other materials in the packet are handouts on Alaska local government issues given to NEO Seminar Participants by the facilitator and seminar speakers.

Alaska Statutes: Title 29
Municipal Government

Alaska Title 29 encompasses the state’s municipal government regulations, defining the organization, powers, and functions of local governments. It outlines procedures for municipal elections, budgeting, and financial management, ensuring transparency and accountability. The title also addresses land use planning, zoning regulations, and public facilities. Additionally, it delineates the roles and responsibilities of municipal officials, fostering efficient and effective governance. Title 29 plays a crucial role in shaping the framework for Alaska’s local governance and civic administration.

Newly Elected Officials

This video was recorded during the Newly Elected Officials Training course which took place in November 2023.

Newly Elected Officials Training 2024

All members are encourage to register for both sessions of the Newly Elected Official Training, the one-day online session in November 2024, and the one-day in-person session held in conjunction with the AML Annual Conference in Anchorage in December 2024.