AML Legislative E-Bulletin

The E-Bulletin is compiled and distributed by e-mail each Friday during sessions of the Alaska State Legislature. The E-Bulletin describes and tracks legislation affecting local government in Alaska.  To sign up for the AML Legislative E-Bulletin, please email or call us at (907) 586-1325.

Municipal Officials Directory

The Directory is updated and published annually by the Alaska Municipal League and the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development. The Directory lists incorporated municipalities in Alaska and includes addresses and phone numbers, population, taxes, elections, services, names and terms of council/assembly members, mayors, and key staff. One free copy of the MOD will be automatically sent to AML Members, please use the order form below to purchase additional copies.

Alaska Municipal Benefit & Salary Survey

The Survey is a comparative listing of actual salaries, fringe benefits, and salary ranges for 50 job classifications in Alaska municipalities of various sizes. The Survey is updated annually in September.

Newly Elected Officials Seminar Materials

This packet contains the training materials used in the Newly Elected Officials Training Seminar,  including The Elected Officials Handbook, a good primer for the newly elected official on the duties and responsibilities of an assembly or council member. Other materials in the packet are handouts on Alaska local government issues given to NEO Seminar Participants by the facilitator and seminar speakers.

Municipal Clerks Handbook

The Municipal Clerks Handbook describes the main duties and responsibilities of municipal clerks in Alaska and provides “how to” instructions for doing them.  Please visit to order or to download online. Please select the link below to order AML publications online.

If you wish to pay by check or money order please select the “print and call” option during the online check out process. To pay by credit card, select the “credit card” option and complete the check out process by entering the required information.

Mailing Labels

We are now selling mailing labels for each municipality in Alaska. This is a great way to reach out to the Local Officials around Alaska

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