Shared Services from AML

Alaska Municipal Financial Solutions

Alaska Municipal League has developed this program to support local governments who may be experiencing turnover, lack staff with financial expertise, would like to strengthen their financials, or just might need additional assistance.

This service expands the capacity of a local government so that current staff can focus on administering municipal affairs while having confidence in their bookkeeping and accounting. Our hope is that it saves you time, is affordable, and produces timely and accurate results.

AML provides a suite of services that members can choose from:

  • Payroll – managing biweekly or monthly payroll systems, processing timesheets, tracking benefit accrual, and processing checks/deposits
  • Accounts Payable – managing invoices for accurate and timely payment via check or electronic deposit
  • Bank Reconciliation – ensuring that payables and receivables are matched against bank statements for proper accounting
  • General Ledger – tracking and producing timely reporting of revenues, expenditure, assets, and liabilities
  • Budget/Reporting – producing regular budget to actuals, fund balance, balance sheet, and other reports to allow the administrator/manager and council/assembly to act accordingly
  • Audit and Financial Statement Prep – establishing systems that properly document and account for all revenues and expenditures for efficient use in the preparation of financial statements or an audit

This list of services include estimates of hours of expected small vs. large community needs, as well as hourly fees and related discounts. Actual fees vary based on the level of work necessary.

Proposals are tailored based on the services needed, and the fees associated with the actual work performed. Onboarding includes working through software set-up, review of prior financials, discussions with current staff about processes and challenges, establishing necessary account access and approval protocols, and developing clear communication channels and decision-making authorities.

For more information on this program please contact Lisa Fisher at

Service Est Hours Fees Est Hours Fees
Payroll 100 $5,000 200 $9,500
Accounts Payable 50 $1,500 130 $4,500
Bank Reconciliation 20 $1,500 25 $2,000
General Ledger  30 $2,500 50 $3,500
Budget/Reporting 50 $5,000 90 $7,500
Audit & Financial Statement Prep Hourly Rate $80 Hourly Rate $80