Shared Services from AML

Strategic Hiring & Retention

Talent Mining, Matching, and Management System 

Highly predictive talent analytics delivered in an automated, cloud-based software platform. It drastically improves retention and reduces costly turnover. This extremely accurate, highly validated science objectively aids in development of organizational culture.

Selection and Hiring

  • Replicate top performers
  • Objective approach to selection and hiring
  • Match candidates to jobs they are wired for
  • Optimizes limited job seeker pool
  • Ensures inclusive candidate selection
  • Provides DE&I screening options
  • Automated, easily integrated
  • Simple applicant experience

Objective Management

  • Objectively re-purpose existing team members
  • Coordinate engagement and productivity
  • Succession planning / career path mapping
  • Leadership development done based on true wiring, not just typical behavioral tools
  • Guides smart and effective communication
  • On-demand, detailed, employee report
  • Easily develop effective teams

You can either pay for this service or it’s free if you sign up with S3’s Unemployment Insurance Trade program.

Please contact Jeff Yates to learn more:
Phone: 214.491.7102

• Management Values at Work
• Personal Values at Work
• Communication
• Job Satisfaction
• Compensation and Benefits
• Organizational Environment

• Organizational Drive
• Workforce Retention
• Organizational Stability
• Organizational Change
• Customizable Questions and Comments
• More than data, results include action steps

• An anonymous survey allows the exiting employee to give feedback they may not feel comfortable relaying to an HR professional or supervisor.
• You will have a documented reason for the employee’s departure.
• Data compiled can be analyzed depending on areas of focus and interest. Reports can be useful to spot trends and create training opportunities to improve.

• If a certain department is experiencing high turnover, Exit Perspective can help you identify what to change or whom to coach and mentor.
• Having a solution that provides continuous feedback will help you quickly identify and address key concerns, which can increase retention and profitability.