Alaska Municipal League

The Alaska Municipal League (AML) is a voluntary, nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide organization of 165 cities, boroughs, and unified municipalities, representing over 97 percent of Alaska’s residents. Originally organized in 1950, the League of Alaska Cities became the Alaska Municipal League in 1962 when boroughs joined the League.

Our Mission

  • Represent the unified voice of Alaska’s local governments to successfully influence state and federal decision making.
  • Build consensus and partnerships to address Alaska’s challenges.
  • Provide training and joint services to strengthen Alaska’s local governments.


Articles of Incorporation

  • To safeguard the interests, rights and privileges of Alaskan municipalities as they may be affected by Federal and State governmental actions.
  • To secure cooperation among municipalities of the State in a thorough study of local problems and in the application of efficient methods of local government.
  • To provide means whereby municipal officials may interchange ideas, experiences, and obtain expert advice.
  • To perpetuate and develop the League as an agency for the cooperation of municipalities in the state of Alaska for the practical study of municipal affairs.
  • To promote application of the best methods in all branches of municipal service by holding at least one conference annually for the discussion of problems of administration.
  • To gather and circulate information and experience concerning the most approved methods of municipal administration.
  • To secure general and municipal legislation at the state and federal levels which will be beneficial to the municipalities and inhabitants thereof, and to oppose legislation injurious thereto.
  • To engage in the study and preparation of uniform ordinances, resolutions, and practices; and to do any and all other things necessary and proper for the benefit of the municipalities of Alaska.
  • To develop appropriate membership services and programs that strengthen Alaskan local governments’ ability to govern their own affairs and improve the well-being and quality of life of their constituents.

AML Affiliates

AML brings elected officials and municipal employees together through Affiliate participation:

  • Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks
  • Alaska Municipal Management Association
  • Alaska Government Finance Officers Association
  • Alaska Fire Chiefs Association

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Alaska Conference of Mayors

AML works with ACoM to form a municipal consensus on statewide and federal issues facing Alaska local governments.

The purpose of the Alaska Conference of Mayors (ACoM) is to offer an opportunity for mayors to discuss issues of common concern, to work together for the betterment of their municipalities, and to improve the understanding of information about municipalities in Alaska.

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