AML Shared Services

Our goal is to help strengthen local governments who may not otherwise have access to or capacity for these services independently.  Let AML work with you to help take the pressure off of your budgets and bring peace of mind to your staff and municipal officials. 

Alaska Municipal Financial Solutions (AMFS)

Offers a suite of accounting services: Payroll, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, budget reporting/assistance, general ledger assistance, and audit financial statement preparation. AML brings 30 years of accounting experience to this program.

Legal Defense and Assistance Fund

This program will operate as a pool to 1) provide access to affordable legal advice and 2) underwrite litigation expenses as necessary. It will allow you access to appropriate and affordable legal advice that is crucial for local governments who need to ensure that their code, ordinances, and overall activities are compliant with state and federal law.

Live Healthy

In partnership with NACo, this prescription drug benefit program is available to the Boroughs and residents of the Boroughs who may not have health insurance and allows them to purchase prescriptions at reduced rates.

Retirement Solutions

In partnership with NACo and Nationwide, this is a meaningful way to increase recruitment and retention. We look forward to creating solutions that meet your and your employees’ needs.

Alaska Municipal Cybersecurity Program (AMCP)

Offering three options to navigate your cybersecurity needs. With more services shifting online due to COVID-19, now is a critical time to make sure you’re protected.