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Offered by the Alaska Municipal League

Our goal is to help strengthen local governments who may not otherwise have access to or capacity for these services independently.  Let us work with you to take the pressure off of your budgets and bring peace of mind to your staff and municipal officials.

CashVest by Three+One

cashVest® by three+one is the technology public finance officials have long wished for. A time-saving program that maximizes taxpayer funds to the fullest potential, providing peace of mind and ensuring you are doing the most for your stakeholders. Our technology is revolutionizing the way organizations manage liquidity.

With today’s ever-changing financial landscape, fluctuating cash flows, and time and office resources stretched, public finance officials have confidently looked to cashVest to provide a level of reliable data that allows them to: 

  • Maintain or strengthen credit ratings, as advanced liquidity projections can account for up to 10% of the framework for ratings at most national credit-rating agencies.
  • Maximize all financial resources based on objective third-party data, creating peace of mind so greater attention can be put towards those you serve.
  • Know how much cash is available and how long it’s needed; that’s the time horizon of funds.
  • Confirm and certify sufficient liquidity to satisfy expenditures while earning and saving the greatest amount possible, based on continuously calculated forward forecasting.
  • Provide peer benchmarking to ensure cash is performing at the highest level.
  • Have assurance that bank-fee structures are equitable in any rate environment.
  • Have three+one serve as an extension of your team, helping you achieve the best value on liquidity.

Your organization’s liquidity position is surely changing due to the release of ARP Act funds. We are here to help. Our data will allow your public entity to maximize value on all taxpayer dollars, through liquidity analysis.

Three+One is Not A Bank – Bill Cherry 

Below you will find resources that explain more about how cashVest can support your entity. We are always here to answer questions- so please feel free to contact us at any time.

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If you have any questions, please contact Nils Andreassen at or (907) 790-5305. You can also check out the FAQ & vlogs on our website!