Shared Services from the Alaska Municipal League

These shared services are offered to strengthen local governments who may either not have access to or the capacity to manage them on their own.

cashVest® by three+one is the technology public finance officials have long wished for. A time-saving program that maximizes taxpayer funds to the fullest potential, providing peace of mind and ensuring you are doing the most for your stakeholders. Our technology is revolutionizing the way organizations manage liquidity.

With today’s ever-changing financial landscape, fluctuating cash flows, and time and office resources stretched, public finance officials have confidently looked to cashVest to provide a level of reliable data that allows them to:

  • Execute cash, borrowing, and investment management decisions with more confidence and greater ease.
  • Identify when your organization will need cash & its current value.
  • Time-horizon data empowers you to make the most informed decisions.

Cashvest’s data allows your public entity to maximize value on all taxpayer dollars, through liquidity analysis.

Three+One – Bill Cherry

More information about Cashvest can be found on their website.

If you have any questions, please contact Nils Andreassen at or (907) 790-5305.