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Cybersecurity Solutions

Alaskans face unprecedented cybersecurity risks, including increasingly sophisticated adversaries, widespread vulnerabilities in commonly used hardware and software, and broad dependencies on network technologies for the day-to-day operation of critical infrastructure.

The following cybersecurity products and services are available to all eligible entities, including local governments, Tribal governments, and political subdivisions (public) of the state.

AML has a negotiated agreement in place with Structured, a product and service provider, secured through a valid procurement process. Each activity below is referenced in the grant program and can be considered eligible options for applicants to choose from in developing their grant proposals. AML will conduct an intake analysis to identify cybersecurity needs, and varying levels of existing support. AML is able to provide technical assistance to support grant applications to this program.

Cybersecurity Priorities

  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Implement enhanced logging
  • Data encryption for data at rest and in transit
  • End use of unsupported/end of life software and hardware accessible from the Internet
  • Identify and implement controls to mitigate threats to unsupported software and hardware
  • Prohibit use of known/fixed/default passwords and credentials
  • Ensure the ability to reconstitute systems (backups)
  • Migration to the .gov internet domain – shared service managed by AML vendor for flat fee plus per user access
  • Implement network boundary filtering capabilities (e.g., DNS, URL, Email)
  • Implement cybersecurity awareness training program
  • Implement a Patch Management Solution
  • Implement authentication and privileged account access

Services and Pricing

Consultation and Needs Assessment    Upon Request                    Free to $150-250/hr
Product Discounts                                     2% below stated NASPO ValuePoint

  • Review our partner product list for Security, Cloud, Digital Infrastructure, and Managed Services.

Managed Services
Managed Detection and Response            Flat Fee pricing varies by user count and Per User/Month cost

  • Managed Endpoint Security                Cost per endpoint per month
  • Email Security                                      $5-7.50 per user per month
  • Endpoint Protection                            $4.50-7.50 user; 10% discount over 100
  • Managed Monthly Backup                 $.25 GB/month
  • Security Awareness Training             Annual cost based on user count: 1-100 ($30), 101-250 ($24), 251+ ($19)

Contact AML at to setup a call with Structured and to discuss which products and services will be most cost effective for your municipality.