COYA 2021

The 2021 Conference of Young Alaskans has concluded. This space will be updated as information is available about the next COYA.


Alaska Municipal League is proud to host this year’s Conference with a municipal focus, addressing critical issues facing local governments.

The attendees of the 2021 Conference of Young Alaskans produced twenty-four resolutions mapping out their vision for Alaska’s future: read them here


Participants contributed their perspectives and deliberated upon questions facing local governments:

    1. How could local control be enhanced within the unorganized borough?
    2. What is an appropriate transition from general law to home rule local governments?
    3. How should a tax base be evaluated to make sure that revenues are in place to provide services?
    4. What role do local governments have in ensuring quality of life and sustainability of communities?
    5. What should the relationship be between the State and its political subdivisions?

The 2021 COYA was not the first and will likely not be the last. The most recent prior iteration of the conference occurred in 2012: download or view the 2012 COYA Final Report here »