Alaska Marine Highway System

The Alaska Municipal League is comprised of the 165 cities and boroughs of Alaska, including more than 30 that are directly dependent on the Alaska Marine Highway System. For these communities, the ferry represents a fundamental building block of an affordable, predictable, and sustainable transportation system. AML also recognizes the ancillary benefits to the state’s overall economy and other local economies.

With these factors in mind – and committed to Alaska’s future and the health and well-being of Alaska’s communities – AML has passed a number of resolutions in support of a sustainable ferry system. AML has also convened an AMHS “caucus” so that members can stay apprised of policy decisions related to the ferry system.

AML’s goal is to foster coordinated communication and collaboration between local governments in Alaska in support of a sustainable, funded and dependable ferry system that enhances local and statewide community and economic development.

AML Members Comments/Concerns

Municipality of Skagway’s Comments for AMHS 2021 Summer Schedule

City of Seldovia’s Concerns for AMHS 2021 Summer Schedule

AML Resolutions

2020-18 In Support of a Sustainable Alaska Marine Highway System

2020-23 Veto Override AMHS Funding

Municipal Resolutions

City of Cordova – AMHS Reshaping Group Comments

City of Gustavus

City of Gustavus – Letters

Haines Borough

Haines Borough Letter

City of Homer

City of King Cove

City of Pelican

City and Borough of Sitka

City of Seldovia

City of Seldovia Resolution 21-13 – Establish AMHS Governing Board

City of Tenakee Springs

City of Tenakee Springs – AMHS Winter Schedule Comments

City of Unalaska – Letter

Petersburg High School – Letter

Petersburg Borough – AMHS Reshaping Group Comments

Petersburg Borough -AMHS 2020 Winter Operating Plan Comments

U.S. Department of Interior – Letter

Helpful Resources

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Alaska Marine Highway Reform Project

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