Shared Services from the Alaska Municipal League

Our goal is to help strengthen local governments who may not otherwise have access to or capacity for these services independently.  Let us work with you to take the pressure off of your budgets and bring peace of mind to your staff and municipal officials.
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Overview Steps

For businesses that are already registered with a community, Sales Tax Collection Service (STCS) will create their account in the filing platform.

STCS will send a letter to notify the business of the switch to the online filing platform that will include the portal account number and portal activation code.  Notifications are sent via the electronic filing platform to the user email on the account.  An email user account can be connected to multiple businesses and a business can have multiple email users.


Instructions & Documentation

How to Register

Registration instructions can be found here: AMSTP Seller Registration

Step 1:  Create a user account based on your email

Step 2:  Connect to (or register) a business account.

  • If business was registered with a community and they received a letter from STCS – Connect to pre-established account using the account number and activation code provided by STCS
  • If business needs to create a registration – Create a business profile for the relevant community
  • Businesses that file in multiple jurisdictions must have unique account for each community. Please use the naming structure of Business Name (Community).

How to File and Pay

The MuniRevs online filing platform is accessible to businesses 24-7.

Filing instructions can be found here: AMSTP How to File Sales Tax Returns

Filing frequency will be based on the community’s rules. Please see the community overview for details.

How to Amend

To amend a previous return, please contact with the revised information.

How to Update Contact Information

Update instructions can be found here: (KARA NEEDS TO CREATE)

How to Close Business

Find the community close business form on the Participating Communities page.